Dinner Menu


Caprese Mozzarella and Tomato 11

Paula Lambert’s mozzarella, fresh basil and ripe tomatoes with olive oil, balsamic reduction and cracked pepper

Calamari 11.95

lightly floured and fried squid served with warm marinara and chilled Rosalie sauce on the side

Minestrone Soup 4 bowl 3 cup • Add A Meatball 2

fresh vegetables and pasta in a light tomato broth

Appetizer Crab Cakes 14.95

two crab cakes over field greens with a side of Rosalie sauce

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks 8

six crispy mozzarella sticks

Bruschetta 6

garlic bread topped with olive oil, tomato sauce and melted mozzarella

Garlic Toast 3 add a side of Olive Relish 4

sliced baguette spread with seasoned garlic butter

Pizza Nachos 9.50

crisp flour tortillas and melted provolone with your choice of two classic pizza toppings

Entree Salads

Grilled Salmon “Market Price”

a plump fillet basted with Italian seasonings, served over mixed greens lightly dressed with a white balsamic dijon

Pecan Apple Salad 12

green apples, candied pecans, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles over a spring mix with mango vinaigrette

Mediterranean Salad 12 add Chicken 15 add Salmon 19

grilled asparagus, artichoke heart, eggplant and tomato paired with orange slices dressed with a white balsamic dijon

add to any below: Chicken 6 add Salmon 7 add Shrimp 7

Antipasto Chop 13

chopped vegetables and greens tossed with ham and our zesty olive relish, served with Genoa salami and fresh mozzarella

Scampi Shrimp and Pasta Caesar 14

sautéed shrimp prepared scampi style served warm over a classic Caesar with fresh chopped tomatoes

Caesar 8 add Grilled Chicken 13

crisp romaine and fresh parmesan tossed with our own creamy dressing and house-made croutons

House Italian Salad 4

mixed greens, tomato and red onion with our own zesty Italian dressing

Special Amore Pizzas

Special Amore Pizzas

made in the traditional medium-thin and crisp neopolitan style with generous toppings

Margarita Ind 12 – S 15 – M 16 – L 18

white pizza with dollops of fresh buffalo mozzarella, a bit of garlic, fresh basil and roma tomatoes

Muffaletta Pizza Ind 14 – S 17 – M 18 – L 19

like a traditional New Orleans muffaletta with olive relish, salami, ham, mozzarella and a fresh tomato basil relish

Ted’s Pizza Ind 15 S – 18 – M 19 – L 20

with fresh spinach, roma tomatoes and grilled chicken

Hot And Heavenly Pizza Ind 13 – S 17 – M 18 – L 19

grilled chicken, bell peppers, onions and jalapeños

Classic Pizzas

made in the traditional medium-thin and crisp neopolitan style generously topped with your choice of the following:

$1 per topping: sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, green bell peppers,
black olives, red onions, jalapeños and anchovies

$2.50 per premium topping: grilled chicken, proscuitto, salami, artichoke hearts, tomatoes, pineapple and fresh spinach

Individual 10

an eight inch pizza just the right size for one hungry person

Small 12

a twelve inch pizza that nicely serves two

Medium 14

three people will make a meal of this fourteen inch pizza

Large 16

a sixteen inch pizza that serves four

Classic Favorites

all entrees are served with our house Italian salad or Minestrone and fresh bread

Cannelloni 14.50

pasta tubes filled with spinach and ground beef with tomato cream sauce

Lasagna: Beef 15.95 / 12.95 – Vegetable 13.95 / 10.95

layers of pasta, ricotta cheese, tomato sauce and mozzarella

Parmesan: Eggplant 13.95 / 11 – Chicken 15.95 / 13.95 – Veal 17 / 15

layered with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella and served with spaghetti

Piccata: Chicken 15.95 / 13.95  Veal 17 / 15

medallions sauteed with white wine, capers and lemon, served with fresh vegetables and pasta

Shrimp and Polenta 18

peeled shrimp sauteed with Italian seasonings, served with polenta and grilled asparagus

Crab Cakes And Polenta 19

two crab cakes over a bed of polenta with grilled asparagus and a side of tomato sauce

Linguine With Clams 14.95

diced clams sautéed with either our spicy marinara or a creamy garlic sauce

Spaghetti 13.50 / 10.50

with your choice of meatballs, meat sauce, tomato sauce, or oil and garlic

Manicotti 14

pasta tubes filled with seasoned ricotta and baked with tomato sauce

Crab Cakes

Sautéed With Cream Specialties

Chicken and Shrimp Calabrese 18/15

with mushrooms and scallions in a garlic cream sauce served over fettuccine

Fettucine Tetrazzini 16/14

diced breast of chicken, proscuitto, scallions and pasta in a flavorful cream sauce

Shrimp Tortellini 19/16

cheese tortellini and shrimp in a cream sauce with red and green bell peppers

Chicken Genoese 16/13

fettuccine, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, black olives, scallions and cream sauce

Chicken Aristocrat 16/14

eggplant and mozzarella cover breast of chicken and creamy fettuccine

Chicken & Shrimp or Veal and Shrimp Marsala 19/15

sautéed in a marsala wine cream sauce with fresh mushrooms and fettuccine

From The Grill

Fresh Fish at “Market Price” 

today’s selections basted with Italian seasonings or balsamic reduction, served with grilled asparagus and polenta

Mixed Grill 15.95

grilled chicken, Italian sausage, artichoke heart, peppers, eggplant, tomato and zucchini with angel hair pasta

Caprese Chicken 15.50

topped with Paula Lambert’s mozzarella and fresh tomato relish, served with angel hair pasta and grilled asparagus

For Bambini Under The Age Of Twelve

Grilled Chicken 8, Fettucine Alfredo or Lasagna 7, Spaghetti 7


Desserts 7

Italian Cream Cake • Chocolate Mousse Cake • Tiramisu • Key Lime Pie • Vanilla Ice Cream

Add Choc Sauce 1

Espresso 3

Parties of 8 or more, no separate checks.

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